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Grandpa Thompson

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December 2nd, 2009 Posted 9:45 pm

Ever since I can remember, the voice of Bing Crosby has always made me think of Daddy, so I always tell folks that my Daddy sang like Bing Crosby. Paul thinks I’m crazy but he indulges me since ‘I don’t have a daddy’:)-long story inside joke.

So when the radio stations started playing Christmas songs last month and when I first heard White Christmas by Bing Crosby, I told Bella that it was her Grandpa Thompson (my daddy) singing to her from heaven (she already knows my daddy is in heaven so this was no surprise for her). I said it a few times more but we didn’t really hear it that much.

Coming home from church on Sunday, that song began to play and shortly after he sang the first lyric, Bella piped up from the back saying, ‘Mama, it’s my Grandpa singing to me from heaven.’ Of course, I absolutely agreed with her and dramatized how I excited I was to hear such a nice surprise from my daddy now Paul doesn’t think I’m so crazy after all.

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A Thanksgiving Funny

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December 2nd, 2009 Posted 9:39 pm

Bella had a fantastic time with her cousins Luke and Victoria visiting over the holidays. From the minute she woke up on Thursday until they left on Saturday evening, all was right with the world for Bella.

On Saturday evening as we were setting the table for the adults and the kids, the kids kept hounding me to use ‘big people’ cups vs the sippy cups I had previosly bound them to for the entire weekend. I finally gave in and went to the kiddy table to tell them – where all three had begun to eat. I began by saying that with ‘big people’ cups comes rules. Rules about not playing at the table, not getting up and down and up and down constantly while everyone was trying to eat AND if a spill occurred, they would have to clean it up by themselves with no help. As I finished up my speech, Bella was watching intently while nibbling on her yeast roll. Before I walked away to get the cups, I stated, ‘them’s is the rules’ and Bella added for me, ‘and we don’t share our rolls’ as she shoves the last bit of her roll (rules) in her mouth so no one would think about sharing her rule (roll). What a mess she is-but at least I can say she listens to her Mama…

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