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December 10th, 2009 Posted 10:53 pm

Bella’s learning a lot of new songs and picking up lyrics left and right. I tried the ‘Jesus Christ, died for my sins’ song and later on, Bella kept shouting around the house in a melodious voice, ‘Jesus Christ-Jesus Christ-Jesus Christ-Jesus Christ’. Hopefully strangers won’t get the wrong idea:). Then we transition to ‘I’ve got the Joy’ and all we hear is ‘I got the love of Jesus down in my heart’ over and over again-that really warms the heart. The B-I-B-L-E is always a favorite with the kids and my favorite lyrics that Bella created was ‘I stand on the Lord’ (supposed to be “I stand alone on the Word of God’. She’s loves the ‘It’s Bubbling’ song-I think her favorite part is the hand motions and the part when she gets to say ‘soooooouuuuul’-she never misses that part.

Okay, last one before I go to bed. We’ve started to sing Christmas songs since she’s getting the idea that it’s all about Jesus and Santa just goes with the Christmas decorations-fine with me. Last night, I began singing Away in a Manger to her before she crawled into bed. After the first line, Bella perked up and said ‘Major and Mason’ are in my class at school. ‘Manger’, ‘Major’, get it:)? I still can’t get her to figure out it’s not the same, so now she thinks we sing a song about one of the twins in her classroom. Maybe she’ll learn it and begin singing it to him one day. Love you Bella!

P.S. We did make some cookies between our singing episodes and Paul caught some cute footage of that. You’ll eventually see a copy of that online.

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December 10th, 2009 Posted 10:44 pm

Earlier this week, I noticed Bella’s hands were showing some redness and puffiness but I couldn’t tell what was causing it. I also noticed she had some redness around her mouth while eating dinner as well-something she’d had before but I can’t remember what it was. On Tuesday, she was eating stir fry with shrimp and I noticed it again. Paul had not seen any of this so he immediately took it away from her. She began crying since she didn’t know why we took the food from her (she’s been a big eater recently so she definitely wanted to finish her food). I told Paul what I’d been seeing and asked him to give the food back. She finished the food and the redness went away very shortly after we’d cleaned up her hands and face after dinner.

On Wednesday night after church, we were putting Bella to bed and she mentioned that her wrist was hurting. She showed us her wrist and a large section of her wrist, hand and arm was puffy and really red. We immediately put Cortizone on it and prayed that it would go away. Paul still thinks it was a spider or something-it was still a little pink today and her skin was really rough so we prayed with her some more for it and put on more Cortizone.

We’ll keep track of this but I hope it’s not my ‘cold’ allergy I had late 2008…

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Finger lickin’ good

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December 10th, 2009 Posted 10:00 pm

12/10/09 – Bella helps make some cookies.

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