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Visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus

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December 14th, 2009 Posted 10:22 pm

We had a Santa visit my work for a client appreciation event this past Saturday so we took Bella. I prepped her for a week prior but the day of, she changed her mind and said she didn’t want to sit on his lap. She talked with them and had a great time but she wouldn’t get any closer than 3 feet from them without us. She did finally decide it would be okay to get next to them with Daddy but she wouldn’t even touch Santa’s soft outfit.









Funny thing was that when we were ready to leave, we rode the elevator down with Santa and Mrs. Clause. As we parted ways, I glanced over to where they were parked and said, ‘Paul, I’ll bet you money they get into that Mercedes S-class over there’. He didn’t believe me but sure enough, they did-what a sleigh!







 Despite not sitting on his lap, Bella had a fantastic time. Odd thing is that this was the same Santa her daycare used last year-and most likely will use this year too. Maybe we’ll get one of her on his lap eventually. 

Bella 09080003PC123837






Update:  Unfortunately Bella was sick the day Santa came to the daycare so she didn’t get any more pictures with him.  Daddy was so looking forward to another picture like last year’s.

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Dinner Plans

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December 14th, 2009 Posted 9:58 pm

Bella suggested we have a picnic for dinner tonight and reminded her how cold and wet it was outside so we couldn’t do the picnic thing. She then said ‘Mama, we can do the picnic inside the home’. I asked in return if we could have the picnic inside next to the fireplace since it was so cold and she said ‘yeh, Daddy can fix that for us’.

She was so excited to tell Daddy her ‘cool’ plans as she called her idea. The first thing she did was to go straight to the drawer where we keep the picnic blanket and she dragged it over to the fireplace. We all had a great time with the chicken and shrimp fried rice and a spring roll on the side. As I put the food in bowls and drinks in cups, she took them all one at a time to the picnic blanket and was so careful with each one. Ended the night with some ‘Mary the Gas Car’ with cookies/milk in bed-she fake painted my face, I painted hers, we read a book, sang some songs, let her use Daddy’s phone to take a few good pics.

Good night Bella-sweet dreams-love you-mean it! When the musicbox turns off, go to sleep with no more noises. She says ‘love you mean it, okay Mama’.

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Christmas Lights to enjoy together

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December 14th, 2009 Posted 9:47 pm

Ever since Shasta and I took the kids out to see lights together, Bella is constantly wanting to see lights whenever we go somewhere and it’s ‘darkee’ – that’s what she calls it when it’s dark outside. We don’t correct her even though it sounds like something derrogatory-again, cuz it’s just so darn cute! Back on track April—

We started pointing out lights to her as ‘on your side’ or ‘on my side’ and she picked up on that right away-she doesn’t know right/left yet so this makes it easy on her. She loves seeing Santa Claus but also naming all the colors. The one place around here that has blinking lights is the highlight of her day-we pass these each time we go to church and Wal-Mart.

We have a bunch of fun together and what I enjoy the most is that once she noticed that I constantly pointed them out for her, she picked up on it and would point out lights on my side or those that I missed. She’s the constant helper, sweet and wonderful. It’s moments like these that make my heart glow with pride at how she’s growing so quickly and her sweetness is growing just as fast. Love you baby!

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December 14th, 2009 Posted 9:38 pm

Bella does like watching TV-fortunately it’s all cute stuff, except maybe Spongebob Squarepants but he’s just a pet peeve of mine, a lot of kids/adults actually like that show. Anywho, Bella recently saw Frosty the Snowman at school so she sings ‘frosty the snowman’ all around the house but those are the only words she knows. While we’re on the subject, I almost have her singing the whole song of ‘away in a manger’ too.

The other day she also saw the movie Madagascar and came home singing ‘I like to move it move it’ and we just died laughing cuz she immediately broke out in dance too. We flew to the computer and pulled up the song that does to this wonderful and magical ‘Mary the Gas Car’ movie. That’s what Bella calls it-isn’t that cute? We don’t have the heart to correct her cuz it’s just so darn adorable.

She also loves the Curious George movie better than most movies but she’s seen a lot of them. Dora the Explorer is a good show that illicits a lot of interaction from the kids-I enjoy watching that with Bella.

We thought about taking her to The Princess and the Frog this Friday for a little date for a special Christmas present. Still not too sure about the darkness that Disney sometimes likes to dribble throughout their stories. We’ll see-maybe we’ll come up with something just as special but different.

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