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To the beach…

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July 17th, 2010 Posted 8:46 pm

Bella has had this trip to Myrtle Beach on her calendar since the beginning of July. She confused this trip with the one at the end of the month to her grandparent’s home on a lake in Indiana. She thinks she is going to the beach with her grandpa and grandma.

On our way, we stopped at The Hub Restaurant for lunch. Bella was starving and so were we. I wanted a local place to get away from fast food and boy was this home cooking. This little hole in the wall was like a cafeteria that had baked spaghetti and fried chicken and country veggies. They were so nice and friendly there. We were halfway finished with our meal before we realized we had no cash an it didn’t look like the were equipped to take credit cards. We finished in peace when I finally asked before I headed out to an ATM.

Bella was wearing a cute yellow Sundress with her matching hat and everyone had to come and say hello. One elderly lady came over and said that they were all admiring how lovely she was. Bella just ate it up and proceeded to watch the lady leave. We were right next to the window so she waived bye to her again to which the lady responded with a wave and blowing her kisses. Bella had to reciprocate and then sat back down completely satisfied and said ‘she had a really long neck’. I’m not sure where that came from but it was cute.

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