Come watch Bella grow up with us…

Is it really cute or really bad?

We tend to check on how Bella’s sleeping from time to time to make sure she hasn’t fallen out of bed or needs covering up, whatever.

I go to look in her room and find that she has absolutely destroyed it and has basically made herself a nest to go to sleep on the floor. I was torn between ‘aaaaah, that’s cute’ and ‘what have you done!?!?’

Bella's Big Mess

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One Response to “Is it really cute or really bad?”

  1. Aunt Carla
    9:36 am on August 12th, 2010

    Brantley did this last week on my watch….Mom was NOT happy. She seems to think I spoil him…..Nah!! I love him a lot. One day she may know the difference.

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