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Potty Training for Bedtime

A few months ago, we started getting up with Bella in the middle of the night to get her out of the diapers/pullups.  Ever since she moved to the 3 yr old class at school, she had been pull up free for naps and at home, with only about 3 accidents in 7 months (not bad at all Bella).   At first, we would make sure she used the potty right before bedtime, then make her wear panties, then get up with her at 1am and 5:30am to take her again.  A few times we didn’t get up exactly when the alarm went off and she would surprise us by having an accident.  We went thru a few accidents before we got on a good schedule of swapping who got up and when and making sure we did it on time.  Then we transitioned to making sure she didn’t drink very much before bedtime, then only getting her up once during the night.  That seemed to work out well also.  Then we noticed she didn’t go to potty immediately after waking up so we figured if we just took her to potty before we went to bed (sometimes 10, sometimes 12), that was enough.  That too worked well.  She even came down with the flu and even thru all that, she didn’t have a accident. 

After the 1st of the year, we have switched to making sure she doesn’t drink a ton right before bedtime, making sure she goes to potty (and actually does something) as the last thing before we tuck her in for the night.  Now we’ve committed to not getting up with her at all.  It’s the 14th and so far no accidents, knock on wood:).  You’re a big girl Bella-now quit cutting your lovely hair or Mommy will cry her eyes out…

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One Response to “Potty Training for Bedtime”

  1. Christy Walsh
    9:20 am on January 28th, 2011

    yay Bella! But she cut her hair??? You have to send pics.

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