Come watch Bella grow up with us…

Words and their meanings:

Tensils: the things you eat with.
Big Phone: the new thing that Dad bought for his birthday that plays movies on it (yes, Paul, we’re trying NOT to call your Motorola an iPad but it’s sooo hard).
Pink Tails: Having two ponytails in my hair instead of just one.
Pumpkin Day: That day when I get to dress up as Pinkalicious and everyone decorates with pumpkins. Mom, why don’t we have any pumpkins yet. Let’s go buy some from Wal-Mart or that big yard down the street that has bunches of them on tables. By the way, did you know I dreamed about white pumpkins last night? I was a princess named Peach and I was married to my cousin Ben, …… (yes, for those of you without children, this is a great example of how one small idea can lead to a non-stop conversation, totally one sided, between you and your 4 year old-I’m sure it’s just a girl thing but I could be wrong. I’ve tried to tell Paul she gets that from him but I have to admit it, she probably got it from me. If she got it from Paul, you’d most likely see his postings on her blog all the time instead of my ramblings on and on. God bless Paul and the additional girl in the household he’ll have very soon.)
Totally off subject-we were on the phone with Paul today since he’s out of town, when Bella said something so sweet but not really. We were discussing how Bella was on Yellow with the behavior chart and since I had already told Paul about it earlier in the day, by the time the ‘going to bed’ phone call took place, when she told him about Yellow, he said he knew. I was also trying to tell her that he knew but her reply was, of course he knows Mom, he knows everything. I said, that’s right and so does Mom. She quickly corrected me saying, no Mom, only Dad knows everything. I dropped it since I’m not gonna battle with that, as long as she thinks one of us knows everything, it doesn’t really matter which one. Yes, Paul, you owe me big time for caving on that one. Love you both!

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