Come watch Bella grow up with us…

Words of wisdom from Bella:

So yes, we let Bella name the baby. Official name is Ella Maegann Lee. Ella was Bella’s idea and Maegann is the combination of my mother’s middle name Mae and Paul’s mother’s middle name Ann. Put a ‘g’ in the middle and voila you have Maegann. A few other thoughts from Bella were Uni Corn-thanks to Paul’s nudging on that one. Elise, which I reminded her that even Mommie has a hard time spelling so we’d steered clear of that one. Just tonight it was changed to Viva, as in Viva Las Vegas from the ZZ Top song. We talked about it being one of my favorite songs because it sounded so much like an old Elvis song and she thought the Viva part would make a great name for the baby. Every time they sang the words Viva Las Vegas, she would sing Baaabbyy Viva instead. Cute!

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