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Girls playing well together

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November 26th, 2013 Posted 8:52 am

Yes. Bella and Ella play well together most of the time. Sweet moments for us all to share for years to come.

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Bella got baptized today!

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November 24th, 2013 Posted 11:11 pm

While it was a chilly day here in North Carolina, or hearts were warmed by watching our oldest daughter testify she had gotten saved by getting by baptized at Westport Baptist church in Denver NC. Bella was originally nervous at the idea of putting her head under water with the fully immersion of the baptism but when the time finally arrived and she had her robe on, she was all smiles and couldn’t wait to do it. I do not believe there was any fear or stress per nervousness in her sweet mind at all tonight. When I was helping her dry off and get her church clothes back on, she said she wished she could get baptized again. I was shocked so I asked her why. She said because it was so much fun.  Thank you Pastor Mike Young for helping to make this one of the most amazing days of her life. Our deacon Barry Still and his wife Janice gave Bella her first devotion book tonight too. She was thrilled and immediately had her Grandpa Lee read it with her when we got home.

Oh yeah….I forgot to mention that Papa and Nana Lee both traveled from Indianapolis to see their granddaughter get baptized. Uncle John of course was their to support her as well. What a great family she has!

Ella has really grown accustomed to her grandparents since this is the first time she has been old enough to do so. She picked up on the names Papa and Nana much easier than grandpa or grandma. For whatever reason she latched onto Papa stronger than Grandma just like Bella did when she was that age. Interesting.

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Bella got saved!

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November 11th, 2013 Posted 10:10 pm

A few months ago, our baby Bella asked Jesus to be her Savior.   While we knew the next step was baptism,  we continually asked her questions to make sure it ‘stuck’ so we weren’t guilty of giving her false security at such a young age. Once we were sure she had  truly been saved, we discussed baptism and the importance of it.  She already knew that was the next step of obedience when you become a Christian so her only hurdle was overcoming getting her face into and under the water.  Paul and I took several different approaches with practicing for the big day but she was never quite ready to go forward in front of the church.  A few Sundays ago, we were having communion and she was heartbroken when she found out that she could not participate because she had not already followed the Lord in baptism.  After that she couldn’t wait to tell Pastor Mike she was ready. We went forward with her on Sunday November 10, 2013 to tell the church she had gotten saved and was ready to be baptized.  Baptism is now scheduled for the am or pm service on 11/24. Congratulations Bella! Now join Mom and Dad in praying for baby Ella’s salvation.

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Ella’s first real Halloween

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November 2nd, 2013 Posted 4:30 pm

We had a trunk or treat at our church instead of going trick or treat. The girls had a blast.  Paul was a bag of m&m’s and the girls were tooth fairies to go with our trunk theme of ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus’. I was going to be a bag of jelly beans but I spent so much time on everything else that I ran out of time to finish mine.

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Ella’s words

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November 2nd, 2013 Posted 4:25 pm

Ella has quite a lot to say now these days, some of which makes sense to us and some that doesn’t.   Here’s a few words that you might recognize.

Meek (pronounced with a had Russian K sound): the beverage of which she cannot live without….milk.

Mema-nema-nema-nade: that delicious nectar most likely purchased from Chik-fil-a…..lemonade.

Biper: she wears them herself but usually only asks for them when playing with her baby dolls…diaper.

Ahmere (uh meer): no this is not a new Arabic friend but rather a plea for us to follow her…come here.

Pooper: not a word to describe going potty but rather the name of a little neighborhood friend of hers named….Cooper.

Noah: her little friend in church nursery also known as…..Noelle.

Mowette: she wants to sniff what you have…smell it.

That’s all for now.  I’ll share more as they come to me.  She is a funny girl.

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