Come watch Bella grow up with us…

Ella’s words

Ella has quite a lot to say now these days, some of which makes sense to us and some that doesn’t.   Here’s a few words that you might recognize.

Meek (pronounced with a had Russian K sound): the beverage of which she cannot live without….milk.

Mema-nema-nema-nade: that delicious nectar most likely purchased from Chik-fil-a…..lemonade.

Biper: she wears them herself but usually only asks for them when playing with her baby dolls…diaper.

Ahmere (uh meer): no this is not a new Arabic friend but rather a plea for us to follow her…come here.

Pooper: not a word to describe going potty but rather the name of a little neighborhood friend of hers named….Cooper.

Noah: her little friend in church nursery also known as…..Noelle.

Mowette: she wants to sniff what you have…smell it.

That’s all for now.  I’ll share more as they come to me.  She is a funny girl.

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